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The Best Undersink Ionizer just got Better
The New and Improved UltraDelphi

You can now enjoy the latest version of the diamond standard: the new and improved UltraDelphi. First launched in 2007, the Delphi set the standard in style, performance, and durability, before been upgraded to the UltraDelphi in 2013.

The UltraDelphi offers you:

  • The Cleanest Water. Each new and improved UltraDelphi now comes with two filters, including our unmatched UltraWater filtration. UltraWater offers you the ultimate peace of mind reducing virtually all contaminants to 99.9% – even the toughest like pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, chemicals and VOCs. It is the only ionizer filter made in the USA and tested to such rigorous standards. Clean is safe and tastes delicious. Don't compromise. Choose UltraWater. See our certified test results here.
  • Ease of Use. A light touch with one finger on the control pad at the top of the elegant faucet selects the type of water you want. The designer quality faucet has a beautiful LCD display that allows you to get both streams of water – alkaline and acidic – right at the sink. No Counter Clutter and never any waiting while your ionizer is automatically cleaned.
  • Guaranteed Durability. The patented DARC Cleaning System eliminates the scale buildup that deteriorates performance in other ionizer brands.
  • Top Performance.In 2006 we launched our Mesh Diode Electrodes and started the "mesh revolution". We have learned a few things since then, and now you get the benefit of our experience. The right power (not just the most) and the right electrode (not just the biggest) are critical. The new and improved UltraDelphi boasts a 20% to 30% stronger performance.
  • The Greenest Footprint. Even with our updated power ratio, the UltraDelphi still offers greater efficiency meaning it uses less electricity than other brands.
  • Change Filter Reminder. An LCD display will flash on the control panel so that you know when to change your filter.
  • Adjustable Voice Confirmation. Tells you what type of water you have selected each time you use the ionizer.
  • Dependability. The end result of over 30 years in ionization research by the world leader.
  • The Best Design. The quality finish on the UltraDelphi tower will enhance the look of any kitchen. Designed from the start as an undersink unit, the UltraDelphi has both a state of the art undersink ionizing unit and an elegantly designed sink-side faucet.
  • Service and experience. You get the trust and certainty of working with the oldest importer in the USA: AlkaViva. Our years in marketing, research and development of water ionizers bring you the latest in filtration and ionization technology. No other company can match our industry pedigree.

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Number of Electrode Plates: 5
Plate Process: Electroplating
Plate Design: MESH, Platinum Coated Titanium
Flow Rate: 3 LPM
Onboard Water Flow Control: Yes (On Both Base and Faucet)
Cleaning Frequency: While In Use (DARC)
Cleaning Method: Double Auto Reverse Cleaning (DARC)
Installation Options: Under Sink With Remote Faucet, Counter top to diverter, Wall Mountable, Direct Connect To Water Main
Dual Filtration: No
Mineral Port: Yes
Mineral Port Options: Calcium Insert, Scale Guard Insert
Filters Available: UltraWater Filter, .01M Biostone Ultra, Remineralizer Max
Filter Cost: $109.95, $99.95, $89.95
Electrical Supply: Transformer
Power Consumption: 80W
Voltage Adjustment: Yes (7 settings per level)
Number Of pH Levels: 4 Alkaline, 4 Acid, Purify Only
LCD Screen: Yes (On Base Unit), LED On Faucet
Voice Prompts: Yes
Plays Music: No
Silent Option: Yes
Flow Rate Indicator: Yes (On Base Unit)
Onboard pH/ORP Metering: No
Filter Life Indicator: Yes (4 Digit Numeric)
Hot Water Alarm: Yes
AutoAdjust™InformationAutomatically adjusts the ionizing power giving the best performance and ionization for your particular water source: No
Smart Switch™InformationNext generation SMPS power supply provides the most stable and efficient power platform: No
Dimensions: Base: 9.7W X 13H X 5.1D inches, Faucet: 3W X 9H inches
Unit Weight: 17 lbs. (7.71 kg)
Warranty: Lifetime On Parts, 5 Years On Labor, 30 Days On Shipping
Service Center: Full Technical Service
Headquarters: Reno, Nevada
Dean's Bottom Line: AlkaViva took the already popular Delphi Under Sink water ionizer, and made it even more functional and powerful. With completely upgraded internal parts, a new flow-control knob on both the base unit AND the faucet, and the ability to completely convert the Ultra-Delphi into a counter top unit (for those who wish to take their ionizer on vacation, etc) I am looking for the Ultra-Delphi to be the new favorite in the world of water ionizers. Bravo AlkaViva!

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