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As the nation's experts in alkaline water and water ionizers, you'd expect us to know a thing or two about how to maintain an ionizer. Within the Support section of this site you will find a wealth of information designed to help you keep your ionizer functioning smoothly - however, sometimes there is nothing better than a professional service to provide you with more years of trouble free operation.

Just like a car, an ionizer benefits from the occasional overhaul to ensure that all parts are working seamlessly together and that limescale and wear and tear are not degrading your system's performance. If you've noticed a reduced flow rate or lower ionisation results (even after changing the filter), then the chances are your ionizer should be serviced.

The Aviva Complete Service Solution

Our servicing options range from a simple part descale to a complete strip-down and refirb of your unit. Issues we can solve:

  •     Reduced flow rate
  •     Reduced ionisation performance
  •     Incorrect display results
  •     Temperamental behaviour (ionizers only - we can't fix people unfortunately!)

We do this by providing a range of solutions to ensure you get the maximum value for money:

  •     General system check
  •     Individual part descale
  •     Complete system descale
  •     Full tap descale (Delphi)
  •     Complete system refirb (full descale with any necessary part/s being replaced)
  •     Not just limited to Jupiter ionizers - we can repair almost any make or model!

Pricing starts from as little as £25 for system check and individual part/s descale, to £199 for a full descale. A complete refirb costs £299 with any required parts as extra.

No Hidden Extras
We guarantee that you will only pay for work that actually 'needs' doing or parts that absolutely should be replaced. As extra peace of mind, by sending a unit into us, you can be sure that you will only pay the initial £25 system check and that no further work will be undertaken until we have spoken to you first, the servicing requirement explained (if any), and the cost agreed. Carriage is not included.

Eco Friendly
Our descaling service is completely eco-friendly so you can be assurred that descaling your ionizer does not involve harsh chemicals which could be harmful to you, or the environment.

Have Us Call You Today!
To have one of our service engineers call you to discuss your ionizer servicing requirement, please email details of your servicing requirement to and we will get back you shortly with a quotation.4